Floating – the weightless experience

An oasis of tranquillity at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF

Far away from your everyday life and stress you will unwind at our first-class hotel: Do not miss out on the weightless experience in the floating pool. Enjoy total recreation while you are floating on an organic brine of water and salt – with no distractions from outside, feel the harmony of body and soul. A way to unwind and regenerate previously known only in the Dead Sea’s waters. 

Total relaxation through weightlessness

Floating is a relaxing technique where you hover on the surface of saltwater in a special floating pool. The high salinity will make you feel like you are suspended in midair.

There are several positive effects because the body is totally unburdened, the blood circulation is stimulated and tensions are eased.

Experience floating at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF in Bad Gastein – we have compiled several arrangements for you.

Send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry and enjoy the weightless floating feeling at the 5-star Hotel in the Salzburger Land