Your spa therapy at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF

Feel the healing effect of the thermal water

In the health department’s bathing facilities medical specialists, massage therapists and physiotherapists care for the guests of the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF. Radon and healing baths, adjusted to your particular needs and health condition, make your stay a feel-good holiday.

Radon therapy

The radon thermal water is our most important basic cure resource. The special tubs are filled with about 480l of thermal radon water. The temperature is 36 to 39°C and the bath takes about 15 to 20 minutes. In the thermal water the body becomes hyperthermic, which stimulates metabolic processes. The dissolved radon is absorbed by the skin and the respiratory system. It causes a release of the body’s own analgesic substances. With regular baths the autonomic nervous system is enhanced.

For several centuries the healing effects of the thermal water in Bad Gastein have been well known. The curative water, which was already known of in the Roman age, is gained from 17 springs. A “fountain spirit” had been considered to be responsible for the soothing effect, until researchers around Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie discovered that actually the radon rare gas was responsible for the healing impact. Clinical studies still confirm the curative effect on rheumatic problems, arthrosis as well as respiratory and skin diseases.

During your stay at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF you can indulge your body with the Gastein bathing cure. Send us your booking today. 

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