The Gastein healing cave

A worldwide unique climate!

The success rate proves it – the Gastein healing cave is considered to be the most effective cure because of its 3 healing factors: radon content, relative humidity of 70 to 95 % and the temperature of 37 to 41.5°C.

Radon, the rare gas in the Gastein healing cave

More than 70 years ago people were looking for gold in the Radhausberg mountain. They did not find any, but right from their first entry the miners felt the healing effect of the climate. The mine train takes you 2.5 km inside the mountain. The healing cave is perfect for symptom treatments of diseases as well as – because of the strengthening effect on the immune system – for prophylaxis.

Inside the cave your body will heat up to approximately 38°C. At this temperature the radon can be absorbed even better. A short exposure to the rare gas’s radiance enhances the metabolism in all the cells. 

The mountain and its energy

Indulge yourself and make a curative visit to the inside of the mountain. In swimwear you will reach various stations, where you will be able to experience peace and recreation. 

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