Hiking to the pastures in the Gastein valley

From the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF up to the Gastein pastures

If you are welcomed by a loud yodeller, then you know that you are close to a pasture! For centuries the cattle have been brought from the Gastein valley to the high-alpine pastures for the summer – the lush meadows and the pleasant temperatures create an ideal habitat for the animals. Get away from the heat in the city and escape to the fresh and clean mountain air. Trade multi-storey buildings for rustic alpine huts and business contacts for warm hospitality.

Stay in close touch with nature

Hikers and alpinists like families with children will find 55 managed mountain huts to choose from. On the pasture huts many delicious foods are produced by the hosts themselves. After a hike to the pastures you will be peckish enough to enjoy cheese, butter, bacon, bread and various other specialties in a sociable atmosphere. Why not help baking the bread with your own hands – that will make it taste twice as delicious! By the way: “Alpine rose” is the flower which enlightens the pastures in June with its pink and red blossoms. Experience this vibrant sea of colours! 

Spend a night on the pastures

Enjoy the stunning sunset and its glow, the first signs of the night and the peace that surrounds you. Look for constellations in the sky with your children – here you can observe the stars as closely as never before, without any distracting lights. Listen to the owl’s and eagle owl’s tu-whit tu-whoo screeching from the forests. The Präau-Hochalm in Dorfgastein has a special offer for lovers: a “Honeymoon suite” in the midst of the idyllic mountain scenery. Live the Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

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