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Your holiday at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF in Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein in Salzburgerland enchants you with its historic centre, which is characterised by the Belle Époque architecture with all its majestic facades.

Because of its escarpment-location  people have been constructing multi-storey buildings for many years, this is why today the little town with a population of not more than 5,000 has a very urban character and looks a bit like a nice little skyscraper valley. 

Gasteiner Ache waterfall

In the middle of the centre you can hear Bad Gastein’s landmark rushing, the waterfall is 341 m high and inspired not only painters and poets. Because of the atomising water the negative ionized air contributes a lot to the healing climate. Chic villas, spacious promenades, idyllic castles and churches make the perfect picture-postcard panorama.

Wonderful excursion destinations around the

Salzburg city is always perfect for an excursion especially during the popular Easter and Summer Festival. If you can find the time you should also visit the Carinthian lakes or the impressive summits in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Here you will find the best landscapes and conditions for skiing, hiking or mountain biking

Events in Gasteinertal

There are a lot of events taking place all year round, which attract many guests to come and visit the beautiful Gasteinertal valley:

A holiday at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF in Bad Gastein offers variety and attractive leisure activities. Send us your booking today.