Enhance the healing process with gymnastics

Exercise during your holiday at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF

Curative gymnastics offer you an opportunity to actively take part in your healing process. Work out under the guidance of our hotel’s own therapists. During your stay at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF in Bad Gastein you can benefit from these preventive and rehabilitating services.

Preventive curative gymnastics

Curative gymnastics are part of the physiotherapy, which enhances the healing process of specific parts of the body. The therapists at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF will individually cater for your needs and show you exercises which you can also pursue at home.

Besides treating the affected body parts with curative gymnastics, you can do a lot for your health preventively. With special exercises your muscles will be strengthened and your upright posture will be enhanced. Through regular treatments you will gain a sense of self-confidence.

Curative gymnastics – by appointment

App. 30 minutes ………. 45 EUR

Avail yourself of the various curative gymnastics during your stay at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF. For your cosy room or suite send us your booking today.