Your hiking holiday at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF

Discover the natural environment in Gastein on your hiking tours

The rush of the Gastein Ache, birds tweeting and the lush green bottom of the valley, surrounded by the Gastein mountains’ summits: a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. 

Explore nature

350 km of hiking paths on alpine and high alpine terrain as well as various walks and promenades invite you to lovely strolls, long hikes and challenging mountain tours.

Combine your hike in the Gastein valley with a visit to one of the many Gastein alpine huts: Hikers and alpinists like families with children will find 55 managed mountain huts to choose from. On the pasture huts many delicious foods are produced by the hosts themselves. After a hike to the pastures you will be peckish enough to enjoy cheese, butter, bacon, bread and various other specialties in a sociable atmosphere. Why not help baking the bread with your own hands – that will make it taste twice as delicious! By the way: “Alpine rose” is the flower which enlightens the pastures in June with its pink and red blossoms. Experience this vibrant sea of colours! 

Plan your hiking holiday with us

Our team will gladly accompany you on your rambles and guide you on one of the herbal hikes, historic or botanic walks or to the picturesque arena in Angertal with archery and panning for gold. We will also help you organise your personal tour through the Gastein valley if you want to go on your own. 

Experience the unique natural environment of theHohe Tauern National Park by hiking in Gastein. Send us your booking  for your stay at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF today.