Hot Stone Massage

The holistic spa ceremony 

Heated lava stones are used for the Hot Stone or Warm Stone Massage. The ancient Native American peoples already used this technique to stimulate the blood circulation and enhance the lymph flow. During your spa holiday at our first-class hotel EUROPÖISCHER HOF we will pamper you with the Hot Stone Massage. 

Massages at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF

Your body will be massaged with premium oil and 60°C warm stones. At this temperature the mobility in your body is stimulated. You can also choose to have the Hot Stone Massage only on your back, the part of your body which is heavily loaded during the day.

Apart from the Hot Stone Massage we also recommend Sanshui for our guests. A mix of traditional massaging techniques, pleasant warmth and lovely scents. Energy blocks are dissolved and a feeling of deep satisfaction is created. Your organism is revitalised and your spirits will be lifted.

Send us your booking today or get informed on the different massages during your holiday at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF. Your stay will quickly turn into a relaxing indulgence for your senses.