Provide for your health

Prevention for body and soul at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF

At the 5-star hotel you can combine your holiday with prevention through medical care and counselling by our own staff. A health plan for you to pursue at home is of course included. 

What you can expect in Bad Gastein

Make your appointment for an introductory talk with our spa doctor Martin Mayerhofer on the day of your arrival. We will compile a programme that is customised to your needs. We recommend that you stay for at least 5 nights. 

Exercise programme
Nutrition counselling

According to your personal diet our chef at the Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF, Franz Schönegger, will prepare healthy and delicious meals for you. If you want to pursue the programme at home we will provide you with the necessary documents.

  • Radon therapy to strengthen your immune system
  • Kneipp walks
  • Relaxation training (Jacobson, Feldenkrais, Qigong)
  • Massages
Mental wellness
  • Problem check
  • Reach your desired weight

Physiotherapy stands for the prevention of a malfunctioning musculoskeletal system on the one hand and the preservation, improvement and recovery of the natural movements on the other hand. The goal is to enable a maximum individual freedom of movement and a pain-free, independent lifestyle. The physiotherapy rounds off your spa holiday in the most healthy and preventive way.

At the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF we take care of your wellbeing. Send us your booking today.