Schubert´s Bar at the Hotel

At the crackling open fire place in Schubert’s Bar you will instantly feel at home. Pleasant piano sounds and the stylish atmosphere will take care of a perfect round-off for your day. 

Our bartender, divulges one of his best cocktail recipes for you to mix at home:

Cocktail "Schubert"

Ingredients for one cocktail:
4 cl Absolut Vodka
2 cl Creme de Bananes
1 cl Cherry Brandy
2 cl cream
8 cl orange juice
5 cl vitamin juice
1 cl strawberry syrup

1 cocktail cherry
1 pineapple leaf
¼ slice pineapple
Small skewer

As early as 100 years ago Bad Gastein was a meeting place for celebrities. Franz Schubert, too, was fascinated by Gastein’s magnificent mountains and its crystal clear air and created timeless lieder as well as piano works there. With our specially created Schubert Cocktail the famous composer has found his way back to the Gastein Valley.

Put all ingredients into a shaker together with crushed ice. Mix into a homogeneous mass. Pour the creamy liquid in a cocktail glass.

For decoration cut a slice of pineapple into quarters and place them on the rim of the glass. Use a small skewer to fix the leaf and the cocktail cherry on the pineapple.

Enjoy your cocktail!

                   * * * * *

For a wonderful evening

At the 5-star hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF a spacious and inviting hotel bar awaits you, furnished with beautiful wood and decorated with art nouveau motifs. Already in the afternoon you can enjoy fruity cocktails or a long drink in Schubert’s Bar. 

Call it a day with piano music

Recall your day full of excitement in the Gastein valley and maybe plan the next one. Spend relaxed hours with pleasant piano music and stimulating chats in our hotel bar.

Enjoy a nice pilsner beer, fine red wine or schnapps that aged in a barrel. Schubert’s Bar is the best place to experience the culmination of a culinary evening. Our kind service staff will gladly advise you on the best drink for your evening. 

Book today for your stay at the 5-star hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF. We will gladly compile a feel-good package for your particular wishes and requests.