Your place in the sun

Gastein feel-good moments

Pure sunshine, colourful flowers or white mountain peaks, a lovely smelling afternoon coffee or delicious pastry – enjoy all this surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama: on Schubert’s Terrace at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF you can experience the whole beauty of the Gastein valley at one glance.

The perfect recreation both in summer and winter

From Schubert’s Café you will get directly to Schubert’s Terrace. Take a seat and breathe in the healthy alpine air. You will never want to leave this wonderful place in the sun again.

Experience the mountain views from Schubert’s Terrace all year round: wrapped in a cosy blanket or bathing in the sunshine. Soak up the stunning Gastein mountain scenery while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake or other small culinary specialties.

Experience Austrian coffee house culture

Austriais a country with a traditional coffee house culture with various specialties. Try different coffees like the Einspänner, a Melange or maybe a Verlängerter. With your coffee you will be served fresh pastries. Every bite is pure enjoyment!

Take a break from your everyday life, indulge in a time-out and enjoy life at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF.

We are looking forward to soon welcoming you at the 5-star hotel in the Gastein valley. Send us your booking today.