A bubbling experience

Whirlpool baths at the spa Hotel EUROPÄISCHERHOF,SalzburgerLand

Bubbling, sparkling, swirling water will run gently around your body and the nozzles in the tub have a vibrant and massaging effect. During your feel-good holiday at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF in Bad Gastein you will be able to enjoy this relaxing spa treatment.

Massage and whirlpool combined

Experience the joy of bubbles which will literally get under your skin in the most pleasant way. Enjoy the whirlpool bath for about 20 minutes and the soothing bath supplements’ scent will help you to relax from the first moment. Additionally the bath strengthens the body’s defences.

Open yourself to the symbiosis of massage and bubbling bath. The warm water will first ease your muscles and afterwards the relaxing massage will stimulate your body, mind and soul.

Our experienced team in the beauty, spa and health facilities will gladly compile a personal wellness and relaxing package for you. Send us a reservation for the treatments of your choice along with your booking for your deluxe room or suite at the 5-star Hotel EUROPÄISCHER HOF.